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Concluding a lease agreement after the pandemic. What should a tenant pay attention to?

"The pandemic and the restrictive measures that came in its wake hit all market participants hard. The first to suffer, naturally, were tenants, who attempted (often
fruitlessly) to win a discount on rent from the landlord or the possibility of vacating leased premises without penalty. This resulted in headlines in the media about
how a considerable number of small and medium enterprises had not survived the lockdown, shuttered windows on cafés and stores, and also friends’ photos
of home offices or brand-new co-working setups on social media. Obviously, the landlords were the next in line: more and more premises stood empty. When
both sides of a legal relationship are suffering losses, it becomes reasonable to cooperate rather than compete, in order to save the business. As there could potentially
be a “second wave” of the pandemic, this should both be reflected in contracts. Let’s take a look at the conditions that a tenant should look to put in a lease agreement."

in: AEB Magazine "How to invest in Russia" 2020


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