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Kamil Karibov participated in the 2018 Construction Conference in Moscow

The Annual Construction Conference organised by the Russian-German Foreign Chamber of Commerce in Moscow was held on 24 October 2018. This year the conference focussed on the economic and effective management of construction and real estate projects. The event included the presentation and discussion of various topics, including the real estate market in Moscow, the lease and purchase of real estate in Moscow, the optimization of incomes and expenses in construction projects, optimal financing opportunities, the impact of sanctions on construction and the Russian real estate market, and many more.

Our expert Kamil Karibov delivered a presentation on the topic “Compliance in Construction Projects (Legal Aspects)”. As part of the presentation he discussed compliance functions, compliance risks, compliance clauses in contracts, violation of compliance requirements and the consequences for the contract, and also delivered a small case study.

Kamil Karibov has been working at BEITEN BURKHART’s Moscow Office since 2008. Kamil’s core activities include real estate transactions and real estate investments, construc-tion and town planning issues, and also public procurement.