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German Labour Law Conference 2017: Fair Play in Munich’s Football Stadium

Munich, 13 November 2017 - On Thursday, 16 November 2017, the German labour law conference will take place in Munich's football stadium, the Allianz Arena, for the fourth time. The conference is organised by the magazine Betriebs-Berater from dfv Mediengruppe, a large German media company. As it is each year, the motto is "Together - Against each other: Focal points in daily business".

"The key idea of the conference is that judges, employers, trade unions, works councils, lawyers and experts from science have a platform to get informed on current labour law developments and exchange ideas in a neutral atmosphere," announces Christopher Melms who heads and moderates the event together with Wolfgang Lipinski, both partners and licensed specialists for labour law at BEITEN BURKHARDT. "The conference provides an ideal opportunity to 'walk a mile in someone else's shoes'," adds Lipinski. "It is also about critically questioning impasses in opinions and attitudes, and gaining understanding for opposite views," emphasises Marion Gertzen, publishing director at Betriebs-Berater.

Gregor Gysi, president of the European Left, will be guest speaker. He will discuss possible legal changes and expectations for politics after the Bundestag elections. Other speakers and topics are:

  • Malte Creutzfeldt (Judge at the Federal Labour Court): Focal points of today's collective bargaining law
  • Helga Nielebock (Federal Chair of the German Trade Union Confederation): Demography and employment of older employees
  • Alexander Zumkeller (President of the German Federal Association of Labour Law Specialists in Companies): Working 4.0 – New generations need new labour law solutions

On the night before the event, Christian Ude, a former Munich mayor, will hold an introductory speech at the BEITEN BURKHARDT office where he positions himself as a "wanderer between worlds" and insists on conflict solutions and the capacity to compromise.

We would be very pleased if you referred to the event. Last minute participants are welcome to register. Please refer to for further information (in German).

Dr Christopher Melms and Dr Wolfgang Lipinski are labour law specialists and partners at BEITEN BURKHARDT's Munich office. For further information, please contact one of the persons mentioned below.

BEITEN BURKHARDT's labour & employment practice group has one of the largest and leading labour law teams in Germany with about 65 lawyers.

Dr Christopher Melms
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Dr Wolfgang Lipinski
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Public Relations (Labour & Employment Law)
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