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BEITEN BURKHARDT Becomes Legal Partner of Markel International for an Innovative Cyber Insurance

Dusseldorf, 20 April 2016 – The international commercial law firm BEITEN BURKHARDT has advised Markel International Deutschland, a specialist insurer for commercial and industrial risks, on development and introduction of its new cyber insurance. In the future, BEITEN BURKHARDT shall also continuously support Markel as part of a cross-disciplinary task force, legally managing any insurance claims, especially under aspects of data privacy.

Recent years have seen a strong growth in cybercrime: no industry, no market and no authority is safe from digital attacks. Data loss, data abuse, operational failure and third party claims are only a few of the implications of successful attacks. The offences range from fraudulent blackmail via computer fraud to industrial espionage.

Satisfactory risk protection has therefore become vital for any enterprise. The insurer has now placed the intelligent solution "Markel Pro Cyber" on the German market which secures against multiple cyber damages by means of modules that can be freely combined to provide protection against cyber and first-party data damage, business interruptions/ operational failures, blackmail, credit card damage, fidelity losses and civil liability in the online area.

One special feature of this product is that in case of damage the policyholder also has access to comprehensive assistance services from the fields IT forensics, PR and Legal. In the long term BEITEN BURKHARDT shall assist Markel as firm integrated partner on all legal issues arising in the context of cybercrime and insurance coverage in Germany. Here, advisory services are not only focussed on legal assistance with the adjustment of claims but in particular on the minimisation of risk and damage in the online sector. 

Advisor to Markel International Deutschland:
BEITEN BURKHARDT: Dr. Claudio G. Chirco, Prof. Dr. Hans-Josef Vogel, Mathias Zimmer-Goertz (all Dusseldorf).

Dr. Claudio G. Chirco
Phone: +49 211 51 89 89 – 144

Public Relations:
Frauke Reuther
Phone: +49 69 75 60 95 – 570


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