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German Labour Law Conference 2017: Fair Play in Munich's Football Stadium

On 16 November the German Labour Law Conference 2017 took place at Munich's football stadium, the Allianz Arena, this year for the fourth time. With 20% more participants, the event set a record this year. Dr Christopher Melms and Dr Wolfgang Lipinski, both partners and licensed labour law specialists at BEITEN BURKHARDT, headed and moderated the event. Dr Roland Abele from the magazine Betriebsberater of the media group dfv Mediengruppe also acted as moderator.

Guest speaker Gregor Gysi, president of the European Left, carried his audience off. He delivered his speech without notes on politics at large and in detail and did not hold back his own personal opinions and thoughts.

On the night before the event, Christian Ude, a former Munich mayor, spoke at the BEITEN BURKHARDT office. In his speech he addressed political decision process-es and memorable events from his career as a mayor for 21 years. For example, he illustrated how, as an SPD politician and trade union member, he had to reorganize the Munich public transportation services.

The following high profile speakers also held speeches at the conference:

  • Malte Creutzfeldt (Judge at the Federal Labour Court): "Focal points of today's collective bargaining law"
  • Helga Nielebock (Federal Chair of the German Trade Union Confederation): "Demography and employment of older employees"
  • Alexander Zumkeller (President of the German Federal Association of Labour Law Specialists in Companies): "Working 4.0 – New generations need new labour law solutions"

The subsequent panel discussion was enriched by Prof. Dr Franz-Josef Rose, head of the legal department of Hessenmetall, and Stefan Stroheker, works council chair at Electrolux Nürnberg. The discussions and talks continued into the evening -- with a view of the 75,000 seats in the Allianz Arena and the colourfully illuminated lawn.  


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