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BEITEN BURKHARDT: Partner Meeting Approves Part-Time Equity Partnership

Munich, 30 November 2016 – At their traditional autumn meeting, an impressive majority of the BEITEN BURKHARDT partners resolved to extend their established equity partner model to colleagues wishing to work part-time. With this step BEITEN BURKHARDT adjusts its career model to the challenges of today and enhances the attractiveness for the professional young generation. This offer is made to both women and men. All lawyers deciding to be part-time partners will be included into the firm's existing lockstep remuneration system, with no difference to their full-time colleagues. This ensures the equivalence of this equity partnership and prevents "second class" part-time partners.

"We pave the way for part-time equity partnership in order to take account of different ways of living and to make an important contribution to work life balance", says Frank Obermann, Managing Partner of BEITEN BURKHARDT. He adds: "Today there are many reasons to work reduced hours, regardless of age or sex. These may be a better reconciliation of family and professional life – either for child care support or the provision of services to family members requiring care – or the preparation for retirement but also time for private commitments."

The broad consensus among the partners is a symbol of the working culture at BEITEN BURKHARDT, which is characterised not just by the investment of a great deal of time, but rather by a results-oriented approach.

Frank Obermann: "We want to accompany our highly qualified and committed colleagues on their way to partner status with multiple options. This includes not only the BEITEN BURKHARDT academy and a balanced health care program but also an attractive part-time option. With the adaption of our memorandum of association we implement a culture which has already been in the minds of our lawyers and with this decision we send a clear signal to both our own ranks and the recruitment market. We look forward to our first part-time equity partners because we have made very positive experience with this model in the past."

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