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BEITEN BURKHARDT Moscow organized business breakfast on the topic "Antitrust compliance"

BEITEN BURKHARDT Moscow organized a business breakfast on the topic "Antitrust compliance: Current practice and development prospects" together with German Centre in Moscow

A business breakfast was held on 12th and 13th October 2016 in Moscow. Anna Klimova with Alexander Bezborodov from BEITEN BURKHARDT Moscow spoke in front of approximately 40 participants on the topic "Antitrust compliance: Current practice and development prospects".

The speakers discussed the following relevant issues:

  • Antitrust compliance: definition, implementation goals and application specifics compared to the general compliance system;
  • Current regulation and existing practice of applying antitrust compliance in Russia and abroad;
  • Planned legislative amendments in the Russian Federation and the position of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS of Russia): mitigation of liability for violation of antitrust legislation when organizing an effective antitrust compliance system;
  • Risks for Russian companies arising in the case of an implemented antitrust compliance system or if there is no antitrust compliance system;
  • Recommendations on developing, implementing and updating an antitrust compliance system at a company, and on how to integrate antitrust compliance in an existing internal compliance system;
  • Actions that you should take if you discover violations of antitrust legislation at the company: the measures that employees and management should take, interaction with FAS of Russia and the law enforcement authorities;
  • Case study: best and worst antitrust compliance implementation practices and antitrust compliance work at Russian and foreign companies.

A lively discussion with these experts and participants was held afterwards.

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