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BEITEN BURKHARDT Achieves an Expiry Review of Existing Anti-Dumping Duties on Glass Fibre Fabric Imports from China

Brussels, 18 August 2016 – The international law firm BEITEN BURKHARDT has achieved for European manufacturers of open mesh glass fibre fabrics an expiry review of existing anti-dumping duties on glass fibre fabrics imported from the Peoples's Republic of China.

On 4 May 2016, the anti-dumping expert Dr. Rainer Bierwagen filed a request for review on behalf of the "Alliance for the Defence of Open Mesh Fabrics", which accounts for more than 25 percent of the entire European Union's production of specific open mesh glass fibre fabrics.

The anti-dumping duties on said glass fibre fabrics had been imposed originally on 3 August 2011 with the Regulation (EC) No. 791/2011 and was extended several times to prevent circumventions of this duty. The current rate of duty on imports of glass fibre fabrics amounts to 48.4 percent up to 62.9 percent. Due to the impending expiry of anti-dumping measures the Alliance fears a continuation or recurrence of injurious dumpings and a material damage to the Community's industry.

The expiry review pursuant to Article 11 (2) of the Regulation (EC) 2016/1036 relates to open mesh glass fibre fabric with a cell length and width of more than 1.8 mm and a weighing of more than 35 g per square metre, except for glass fibre disks that are currently classified under KN Codes ex 7019 51 00 and ex 7019 59 00 (TARIC Codes 7019510019 and 7019590019).

BEITEN BURKHARDT boasts more than 25 years of experience and it has rendered advice in some 100 cases on trade defence measures such as anti-dumping and anti-subsidy procedures, safeguard and trade barriers.

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