About this blog

Welcome! Pleased to see you! Since 2014, BEITEN BURKHARDT has had a blog, which we use to examine all aspects of commercial law. What should you know about the blog?

  1. Why do we have a blog? Because commercial law is extremely exciting – and because we’re at home in this field.
  2. Who writes our blog? About 150 of our experts, including lawyers, tax advisers and auditors.
  3. What do we write about? We leave that up to our experts. While some choose to comment on specific mandates or judgments, others explain current developments in certain areas of law, and some even give a personal insight into their everyday life.
  4. And now? Have a browse: use our archive, search for articles by specific authors, or filter using keywords. You are welcome to leave comments; we look forward to exchanging views with you. If your matter is confidential, please send an email to socialmedia@bblaw.com.
  5. But please note: Most of our blog articles are in German; so you will find them on the German blog page.

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BLOG - Dr. Rainer Bierwagen

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