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IT-business in Accordance with Rules and Laws

BEITEN BURKHARDT invites to take part at the seminar "IT-business in Accordance with Rules and Laws" organized in cooperation with RUSSOFT. The event will take place on June 18, 2019, from 10:00 a m to 2:00 pm in Moscow at Malyj Konyushkovskij pereulok 2, Tochka Kipeniya ASI. The registration starts at 9:00 am.

In the framework of the seminar the invited experts will discuss main legal issues related to IT-business in Russia.

Ms. Anna Afanasyeva, partner of BEITEN BURKHARDT, will speak about taxation of IT companies in Russia and existing tax benefits. Other topics of discussion include protection of intellectual property, conclusion of international contracts for the purpose of export of IT services and HR-issues specific for IT companies.

The event will be held in Russian.

Registration: You can register for this event in Moscow by following the link https://russoft-events.timepad.ru/event/979676/ or sending message to the following e-mail address: bblaw-stpetersburg@bblaw.com with the note "IT-business in Accordance with Rules and Laws".


IT-business in Accordance with Rules and Laws_RUS.pdf