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First Holland Day in Dusseldorf

On Tuesday, 28 March 2017 Dusseldorf was all about the German-Dutch relationship. The German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce organised its first Holland Day, the HollandTag, where it gave information on selling to the Dutch market, cross-border business opportunities and interesting sectors.

After a welcome by the managing director of the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Mr Günter Gülker, and a few words by patron Mr Ton Lansink, consul general of the Netherlands in Dusseldorf, various subject-related sector workshops offered participants the opportunity to expand their knowledge. At the same time an information market was held, giving German and Dutch entrepreneurs ample opportunity to get in touch with each other. On the information market various booths presented experts from authorities and organisations, law firms and tax offices who all work cross-border and were available for questions regarding the 'step over the border'.

"The best connection knows no boundaries" was the motto of the HollandTag, and it is a statement which Regine Nuckel, head of the BEITEN BURKHARDT Dutch Desk, may confirm. "For many years now the Netherlands, although only of the size of North Rhine-Westphalia, have been in a leading group of Germany's top export partners, together with the US, France and China. Entrepreneurs who plan their success in the neighbouring country should not only look into cultural differences and know at least the basics of the language but also seek profound legal advice. We at BEITEN BURKHARDT's Dutch Desk ensure that you avoid unpredicted pitfalls, for example in trade, contractural, corporate but also tax and labour & employment law."

In order for your German or Dutch business relations to grow as beautifully as the 30,000 tulips, which were planted in the form of a huge German-Dutch flag of 6 x 15 m at Dusseldorf's city centre for the HollandTag, lawyer Regine Nuckel and her team will be available for your concerns at any time.

Regine Nuckel
Phone: +49 211 51 89 89 – 114


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