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BEITEN BURKHARDT Obtains Removal of "Fallout 3" from the List of Games Harmful to Young People for ZeniMax

Frankfurt am Main, 12 February 2016 – The international law firm BEITEN BURKHARDT has represented ZeniMax Europe Ltd., a subsidiary of ZeniMax Inc., one of the world's leading computer game developers, in proceedings concerning "Fallout 3" (EU version) before the Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to Minors (Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien). In the meeting on 11 February 2016 the Federal Review Board decided to remove the computer game which until then had been indexed from the list of games harmful to young people.

"Fallout 3" is an action role-playing open world video game of the US-American game developer Bethesda Game Studios, which is part of the ZeniMax group. The game is placed in a post apocalyptic game world. The setting is the metropolitan and surrounding area of Washington, D.C., known in-game as the "Capital Wasteland", hostile to life due to a nuclear war, which the player character after having grown up in a survival shelter explores when trying to track his father down.

"Fallout 3" is considered a milestone in game history and has been awarded numerous prizes worldwide, among others by many media as "Game of the Year". The game has been sold in millions already.

The Federal Review Board's decision shall become effective on the date of its publication in the Federal Gazette on 26 February 2016. Until then the game continues to be rated as indexed.

Advisor ZeniMax:
BEITEN BURKHARDT: Partner Dr. Andreas Lober and Associate Wojtek Ropel (both IP/IT/Media, Frankfurt am Main).

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