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VR International: “Around the world in 80 minutes”

A journey round the world - what Phileas Fogg managed to complete in 80 days in the 19th century novel by Jules Verne 19 – we want to complete this trip far more rapidly.

Current economic and political events force us to look to the future with a number of questions left unanswered.
How will sales markets and foreign exchange markets be affected?

Our experts will clarify current events happening all over the world in entertaining lectures drawing on practice.
They will talk about their personal impressions and experience and afterwards will be delighted to answer any questions that you may have in live chat.

Please bear in mind that only a limited number of people may participate for technical reasons.
That is why we recommend that you register as soon as possible!

The speakers will include our Partner and Head of the Moscow Office Falk Tischendorf.

You can find out about registration, additional information and the programme on the web page of the event.