Beiten Burkhardt

Our Locations

Our 9 offices are located in Germany (Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt a. M., Hamburg & Munich), Belgium (Brussels), Russia (Moscow & St. Petersburg) and China (Beijing), all staffed with excellent lawyers, tax consultants and auditors who combine a global perspective with deep local roots and detailed knowledge of country-specific laws.

BEITEN BURKHARDT has had an international focus since its beginnings. We were the first German law firm to open a branch in Moscow and have been established in China for nearly 20 years. Thanks to our early involvement in Russia and China, we can now confidently assist any project there and take advantage of our excellent local contacts to open doors and speed up processes.

BEITEN BURKHARDT builds on qualitative growth. We only open offices at locations where we can provide the highest level of quality and in-depth local knowledge.

In places where we don't have the necessary critical mass, we work with local law offices that deliver first-class competence and know-how.

BEITEN BURKHARDT does not belong to a formal group. Through long-term relationships in numerous jurisdictions and regions we have developed a globe-spanning network that is based on mutual trust as well as shared values and standards of quality – in North, Central and South America, Northern and Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia/CIS, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania and the Pacific.

We can provide you with comprehensive legal advice through first-class law firms in all of these jurisdictions.