| Seminar

Legal Changes in the Field of Real Estate

AEB Open Event

During the event there will be discussions about the current changes in legal legislation and the practice of its application in the following areas:

1. Court practice in real estate:

  • Resolution of Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 49 dated 25 December 2018:
  • New Regulation of Preliminary Agreement;
  • Precontractual liability.
  • Unauthorized Construction – application of new version of Article 222 of the RF Civil Code.

2. The recent changes in urban planning and land legislations including public easement for utilities and balance of interests tilted towards linear facility owners, special use zones and  bright future obscured by a fog of clearances and cadastral work, varied dynamics of unauthorized structures, construction permission documents;

3. Updates on FZ-214 “On participation in the shared construction of apartment buildings and other real estate objects”: implementation of an escrow account mechanism, additional requirements to developers.

The working language of the event is Russian.

For further Information please visit the event website.


Legal Changes in the Field of Real Estate_Program_EN.pdf



Legal Changes in the Field of Real Estate_Program_RUS.pdf