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2019 BEITEN BURKHARDT China Outbound EU Investment and M&A Forum, Shenzhen

2019 BEITEN BURKHARDT China Outbound EU Investment and M&A Forum - In cooperation with Nctm, AKD, Altana, Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG, BWA, CHKD, SOA, THBA and Shenzhen Municipal Commerce Bureau

百达律师事务所2019中国境外投资欧洲与并购论坛 - 合作方:意大利安启建律师事务所 (Nctm),荷兰亚达律师事务 (AKD),法国Altana律师事务所,Hauck & Aufhäuser私人银行股份公司,德国联邦经济发展和对外贸易协会 (BWA),德国中国商会 (CHKD) 和深圳市走出去战略合作联盟 (SOA),荷兰海牙市商务局 (THBA) 和深圳市商务局

The European Union (EU) is one of the 3 major world economies and a highly attractive investment destination for Chinese investors. Germany, Italy, France and the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg) are 4 out of the 5 top investment destinations for Chinese investors in the EU. Our 2019 BEITEN BURKHARDT China Outbound EU Investment and M&A Forum will analyse recent developments in outbound Chinese investments into the EU with experienced professionals from the top tier German, French, Italian and Benelux law firms BEITEN BURKHARDT, Altana, Nctm and AKD as well as distinguished guests including speakers and representatives from national consulates, China Desk of Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Germany, the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA) as well as high ranking representatives of Chinese companies that will share their M&A and investment experience in the EU.

欧盟(EU)是世界三大经济体之一,也是对于中国投资者而言机具吸引力的投资目的地。德国、意大利、法国和荷比卢地区(荷兰、比利时和卢森堡)这四个国家 / 地区系中国投资者在选择欧盟最佳投资地点排行中位列前五。我们此次百达律师事务所2019中国境外投资欧洲与并购论坛将由顶级的德国、法国、意大利和荷比卢地区的律师事务所,即百达律师事务所、Altana律师事务所、安启建律师事务所和亚达律师事务所其经验丰富的专家以及我们的贵宾,包括各国领馆、Hauck & Aufhäuser私人银行股份公司中国业务部、德国中国商会、德国联邦经济发展和对外贸易协会的代表和发言人对中国在欧盟地区开展境外投资的最新进展进行分析,届时中国企业代表也将分享其在欧盟进行并购和投资的经验。

The Forum will also allow guests to meet one on one with representatives of the law firms.



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