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Successful FinTech Meetup in Dusseldorf

On Thursday night, 20 October 2016, the sixth FinTech meetup took place in Dusseldorf. The meetups enable networking and exchange on the increasing digitalization until disruption of the financial sector.

BEITEN BURKHARDT sponsors the successful event series, thereby supporting the development of innovative products and thinking.

The events are organised by the FinTech blogger Boris Janek, Dr Claudio G. Chirco who is a well-known lawyer in the sector, as well as FinTech expert Peter Barkow.

Three key players of the sector presented their exciting products to ca. 30 interested guests. Joachim Hunold (Sparkasse Paderborn) introduced Yomo, the new banking concept of the Sparkasse bank group. He was accompanied by Kim Ruprich (Symbioticon and marke23) who organised the first Hackathon of the bank. After their speech Dr Olaf Zeitnitz presented the online investment portal Visual Vest. The evening was topped off by Ralf Haim from Fincite who pitched the Fincite Venture concept.

The then following networking was appreciated, and there was time for various questions and animated discussions.


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