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Newsletter Healthcare, May 2016

Benefits for Residential Care pursuant to the Second Act to Strengthen Long-Term Care (Pflegestärkungsgesetz II)

On 13 November 2015, the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament) passed the Second Act to Strengthen Long-Term Care (PSG II). Apart from extending the possibilities of assistance, the reform's stated objective was to adequately support the independence of persons in need of care and making the most of such persons' remaining abilities.

The new regulations included in the amended Act are divided into two subsections. After its promulgation on 28 December 2015, the law came into force on 1 January 2016 as it did not require approval of the German Bundesrat (Federal Council). The regulations on the implementation of a new definition of long-term care needs and the rating of all persons in need of long-term care in five uniformly valid grades of care on the basis of a new assessment procedure (NBA), as well as the regulations of the contribution, compensation and benefits law shall, however, only apply as of 1 January 2017. Carriers of full-time inpatient facilities should, though, as early as now take measures in order to stay abreast of the changed legal situation. (...)

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