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International Experts discuss legal issuses relating to games Law

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Nazi symbols in computer games, streaming boxes, GDPR and a lot more. The conference “More Than Just a Game” in Frankfurt am Main on 19 October 2018 had a lot to offer for games lawyers.

“More Than Just a Game” is a series of conferences launched by the Centre of Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London which has taken place in several European metropolises already: London, Paris, Madrid – and on 19 October 2018 for the first time in Germany, too, namely at the offices of the law firm BEITEN BURKHARDT. The “More Than Just a Game” conference’s format includes panel discussions and presentations on current legal issues in the games industry. At the German premiere in Frankfurt am Main, national and international experts reported from their daily practice and discussed current legal topics, together with academics from Queen Mary University of London and University of British Columbia, and representatives of major publishers, including Nintendo, Epic Games and Wargaming. And at the end of each panel discussion the audience was asked for their opinions and answer a predetermined questions. With somewhat surprising results.

With this newsletter we would like to briefly summarise the most important results and content of the Frankfurt “More Than Just a Game” conference. Should you be interested in further information on one or more of the following topics of the “More Than Just a Game” conference in Frankfurt am Main, please feel free to contact us!

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Dr Gaetano Dimita and Dr Andreas Lober







Susanne Klein

Lawyer, LL.M., Licensed Specialist for Information Technology Law


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Dr Andreas Lober



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Wojtek Ropel



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Dr Axel von Walter

Lawyer, Licensed Specialist for Copyright and Media Law, Licensed Specialist for Information Technology Law


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Dr Holger Weimann