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Netherlands export more to North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany than to France

From a Dutch perspective, Germany is still the most important export partner. Reason enough for the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce to create a platform for Dutch entrepreneurs wishing to export to Germany or invest in Germany, the Duitslanddag.

As last year, BEITEN BURKHARDT hosted an info booth at the Duitslanddag which took place in Utrecht on 29 September 2016. The Dutch Desk was represented by lawyer Regine Nuckel, moving in "reinforcements" from IP/IT and Public and Procurement Law.

"We have had many interesting talks with Dutch entrepreneurs who wish to invest in Germany or seek export partners in Germany. One of the key topics was how important it is to be well prepared for these activities," explains Regine Nuckel.

When you are eager to know how a good preparation may look like, please read the comprehensive BB Short news which includes very good tips of Mrs. Regine Nuckel.