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BEITEN BURKHARDT publication on public procurement in China

BEITEN BURKHARDT has contributed the China-chapter on public procurement law in West Thomson Reuters "International Public Procurement" series. The China offices of BEITEN BURKHARDT are advising companies on government procurement and public and private bidding in China since 1995. The China-chapter provides guidance to companies involved in procurement procedures from start until completion of the procurement contracts. It addresses among others the publication of public procurement opportunities, bid evaluation methods, and special forms of public procurement such as electronic bidding and PPP projects. Sections on administrative and legal remedies, as well as an introduction to anti-corruption measures conclude the overview. Interested parties can send an email to Mr. Tim Wöffen of the Beijing office of BEITEN BURKHARDT and co-author of the China-chapter ( to obtain a free copy of the publication.


BEITEN BURKHARDT publication on public procurement in China.pdf