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BEITEN BURKHARDT: Prof. Dr Jürgen Rüttgers Advises on Future Technologies for the Industry

Dusseldorf, 19 September 2017 – Prof. Dr Jürgen Rüttgers, Of Counsel at the international commercial law firm BEITEN BURKHARDT shall be appointed Chairman of a new high level EU working group. In his new function as Chief Advisor he will advise the European Commission on all aspects and issues related to the topic Future Technologies for the Industry.

This step is taken in the light of the “Joint EU Strategy on Key Enabling Technologies (KET)” of the year 2009 which identified a group of six so-called KETs that are deemed essential to promote advanced sustainable economies, and which served the EU support strategy as orientation and guideline. After eight successful years this strategy shall now be reviewed and, if necessary, newly adjusted. The KETs have implications for the entire economy, stretching even into the legal industry. Hence, it is BEITEN BURKHARDT's stated objective to provide its industry related clients of the key sectors with advice on the latest legislative changes and legal requirements.

The new EU working group's task is the identification of future technologies and the preparation of proposals on how these technologies could be best applied and used in industry. This shall facilitate the modernisation of Europe's industrial base, making it “fit” for the impending technical changes as well as digitisation. In addition, the working group shall draw up recommendations regarding technological research and development. Jürgen Rüttgers stated that “he was looking forward to this new challenge and would gladly support the work of the EU Commission. He expected that his “High Level Group” could complete a first report until spring.”

“At BEITEN BURKHARDT we closely follow the developments in European politics and its implications for European law at all our offices, of course especially in Brussels, so that we are able to competently assist all our clients at any time. Therefore, the commitment as just shown by Dr Rüttgers constitutes an important aspect in our Partnership”, comments Frank Obermann, Managing Partner of BEITEN BURKHARDT.

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