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Business Breakfast: "Conclusion, execution and termination of contracts: judicial practice and practical recommendations"

Moscow, 12 March 2019 – A business breakfast was held in German Centre in Moscow on 12 March 2019, where Taras Derkatsch from BEITEN BURKHARDT spoke for 40 participants on the topic "Conclusion, execution and termination of contracts: judicial practice and practical recommendations".

The speaker focused on the following relevant issues:

  • Negotiations on the conclusion of a contract and pre-contractual liability – what do you need to remember in order to be able to end the negotiations without facing any consequences?
  • Warranties and representations serving as an additional guarantee or additional encumbrance;
  • Let’s talk again about ways to secure the performance of obligations: innovations in legal regulation;
  • Liability for the violation of contractual obligations: has it become easier to claim damages after the issue of Judgment No. 7 of the Plenum of the RF Supreme Court dated 24 March 2016?
  • Sanctions of the European Union/United States – force majeure or an opportunity to terminate a contract?

The event was followed by a lively discussion, with the speaker answering questions of interest to the guests.


Business Breakfast Conclusion, execution and termination of contracts judicial practice and practical recommendations.pdf