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BEITEN BURKHARDT Moscow organized a business breakfast on the topic "Corporate Disputes in Russia: Key Legal Trends" in Moscow

Moscow, 17 May 2017 – A business breakfast was held on 17th May 2017 in Moscow. Dr. Gerd Lenga, Alexander Bezborodov and Anna Klimova from BEITEN BURKHARDT Moscow spoke in front of 32 participants on the topic "Corporate Disputes in Russia: Key Legal Trends".

The speakers discussed the following relevant issues:

  • Practice in collecting damages caused to the company from its corporate bodies (CEO, members of the executive board and board of directors) and controlling entities;
  • Lifting the corporate veil: bringing beneficiary owners to account and disputing corporate decisions;
  • Disputes on shareholder agreements: practice in challenging provisions and collecting losses and penalties;
  • Revaluation of the actual value of interests/shares when a participant/shareholder withdraws, and buying up shares at the demand of shareholders;
  • Procedural issues: consideration of corporate disputes in state courts of the Russian Federation;
  • Resolution of corporate disputes at the International Commercial Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

A lively discussion with these experts and participants was held afterwards.