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10th National Quality Conference on Health

The "10th National Quality Conference on Health" took place on the 1st and 2nd of December in Berlin. This year high-profile speakers again addressed important topics around the assurance of quality in the public health sector. The Conference aims at identifying and showing the weak points and vulnerabilities and to develop potential solutions in order to improve the public healthcare system just a little bit, as the Chairman of the Conference Ulf Fink has put it.

BEITEN BURKHARDT also attended the Conference, hosting an info booth and being represented by seven participants, three of them speakers. Partner Wolf J. Reuter led the way on the 1st of December by lecturing on "The Stressed Employee – a Labour Law-Related Problem?". Dr. Karl-Dieter Müller and Matthias Wrana gave a speech on "Legal Framework for Emergency Care" on the 2nd of December. In the course of the 24th Symposium Mr Wrana later on discussed with Dr. Michael (Vice President Clinical Products, Siemens Healthcare) and Dr. Jens Peukert (Chief Executive Officer, Lohfert und Lohfert) the topic "Does Data Protection Thwart Quality Improvements?".

Quality assurance and quality improvement have been the healthcare market's key issues in recent years and they will certainly remain its focus in the foreseeable future. Particularly with regard to a constantly changing society, these issues must be systematically tackled and solved involving all decision makers in the healthcare system. "It is thus particularly important that BEITEN BURKHARDT makes use of the option to present our bundled expertise in this area to the relevant expert audience", said Dr. Karl-Dieter Müller at the evening event on the occasion of awarding the German Quality Prize Health.


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Dr. Silke_Dulle_Experte_BEITEN_BURKHARDT

Dr Silke Dulle

Lawyer, Licensed Specialist for Medical Law


Benjamin_Knorr_Experte_BEITEN BURKHARDT

Benjamin Knorr

Lawyer, LL.M. Eur.


Dr. Karl-Dieter Müller_Experte_BEITEN BURKHARDT

Dr Karl-Dieter Müller

Lawyer, Tax Advisor


Dr. Thomas_Puffe_Experte_BEITEN_BURKHARDT

Dr Thomas Puffe

Lawyer, Notary - registered office Berlin


Wolf J._Reuter_Experte_BEITEN_BURKHARDT

Wolf J. Reuter

Lawyer, LL.M., Licensed Specialist for Labour Law


Julia Alexandra_Schütte_Experte_BEITEN_BURKHARDT

Julia Alexandra Schütte

Lawyer, Licensed Specialist for Labour Law