Beiten Burkhardt

Russia: Unified Inspection register goes live, July 2015

On 1 July 2015 the Unified Inspection Register (“Register”) was introduced in the Russian Federation. It includes information on all scheduled and unscheduled inspections being conducted in respect of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Furthermore information on unscheduled inspections will be available for the first time in the public domain.

The Register, which is maintained by the Office of the Prosecutor General, will include information on the inspections being carried out by bodies at all levels: information on inspections at federal level is published since 1 July 2015. Information on inspections at the level of constituent subjects of the Russian Federation will be published starting from 1 July 2016 and inspections by the municipal authorities starting from 1 January 2017.

The information contained in the Register is publicly accessible at the dedicated website.

The Register includes, inter alia, the following information:

the form, type and legal grounds for conducting the inspection;

the date and form of notification of the person being inspected of the forthcoming inspection;

information on the inspection authority and the officials authorised to conduct the inspection;

information on the person being inspected;

information on the results of the inspection;

information on the measures adopted based on the results of the inspection;

information on the revocation of the results of the inspection if such results were revoked.

You can perform a search in the Register based on the name of the legal entity / sole proprietor, the OGRN, INN (Taxpayer Identification Number), the date and number of the inspection. Consequently, you can use the Register to obtain important information about inspections at your own company, and also at counterparties or potential counterparties.