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Christine Herzog, Recruitment Manager
Christine Herzog, Recruitment Manager

Are you interested in working for a large commercial law firm? Are you looking for an environment in which you can further develop your professional skills, one you can actively shape, and where you, a strong character with a mind of your own, are truly welcome? Then you should take a closer look at our law firm.

On the following pages, find out what you as an intern, legal trainee, professional newcomer or experienced lawyer can expect. Use the opportunity to get to know us better – our law firm, our culture, and particularly the people that make up BEITEN BURKHARDT.

We'd love to hear from you if you share our goals and values and we’ve sparked your interest in a career at BEITEN BURKHARDT. Get in touch with us!

Christine Herzog

Recruitment Manager

It is vitally important to us that excellence in legal advice and collegiality go hand in hand with each other – and that we enjoy our work. Therefore, we set great store on quickly integrating new colleagues and on a motivating internal communication, which also enables the exchange of ideas, and which cultivates the team spirit.

Excellent performance can only grow in a congenial atmosphere. This is why we provide for surroundings that are intellectually challenging, which leave the individual room for development and which are characterised by humanity, mutual trust and helpful cooperation.

We are no lone fighters! It is in teams with our colleagues where we create client-oriented solutions across practice areas and countries. This requires the highest professional expertise, flexible thinking and the ability to look at the situation from the client’s perspective.


Get to know us and our work even before the legal clerkship. Highly qualified and motivated students have the opportunity to get to know the work of a business lawyer and an early taste of what it is like in a large law firm. So that you can work practically, it is important to us that you have already acquired the adequate legal knowledge. For that reason, a work experience only makes sense from the 5th term onwards. Please allow for a period of 3 months in advance for your application to be processed and a minimum period of 6-8 weeks for the work as suc

Legal clerkship

You are also most welcome as a legal clerk. Feel free to take the opportunity to get to know us during your legal clerkship and to give us the possibility to discover you as an up and coming lawyer. Regardless of whether you start working in the lawyer’s or the elective stage or in part-time besides your clerkship, you will always be supported by one or more lawyers in the practice area of your choice and a partner will act as your tutor. Thus you will be closely involved in the work and become familiar with both the professional aspects and our way of working. Our internal training offers are also available to you at any time.

Through our cooperation with the online learning platform Repetico, we offer all legal trainees and research assistants the chance to use various learning card sets by tutor Alpmann Schmidt for one year to prepare for the 2nd state examination or to test and improve their English language skills.

What we expect from legal clerks derives from what we expect from applicants for a lawyer’s position. Ideally, you have graduated with an honours degree. What also matters is that you have an affinity with the profession of business lawyers, which you can demonstrate for example by additional qualifications, secondary occupations or work placements.

So that we can get to know you properly, and to give you in turn the opportunity to put us to the test, you should allow for a period of at least 3 months for your clerkship and please hand in your application at least 6 months in advance. If you consider applying for a stage abroad, please allow for an even longer period for the application to be processed.

Research associates

You are waiting for a legal clerkship, wish to work while writing your doctoral thesis, or are looking to bridge a certain period of time? We offer you the opportunity to get to know us both after the first and the second state examination by working for us as a research associate. Ideally, you will support our lawyers on at least 2 to 3 days per week and thus have the opportunity to actively be involved in exciting and challenging projects.

Starting directly as a lawyer

If you have either completed your legal training or if you are about to do so, we would be pleased to receive your application for your start directly as a lawyer. The same applies, of course, if you have already gained experience.


Secretariats, IT, Business Development & Marketing, HR, Translations, Front Desk, etc. work hand in hand with our lawyers every day and contribute to the firm's overall success. Only as a team can we achieve something. First-class legal advice requires professional support. That is where you come in.

We have set ourselves demanding aims. To achieve them, we need you. Being a highly motivated team player with a strong will to succeed, you will fit in our well-rehearsed teams.

However, we also have some professional demands. In addition to a personally convincing appearance, it is important that you have excellent legal qualifications. Ideally, that will be demonstrated by an honours degree. Besides your abilities in the law, you should have a sound understanding of the economy. Only then will you be able to put yourself in the position of our clients – entrepreneurs and companies – and to provide them with the best suited advice.

Furthermore, a doctorate, or an academic degree acquired at a foreign university, is desirable, but not a requirement. These additional qualifications though distinguish you from other applicants and will enhance your chances of employment.

Due to our international orientation, an excellent command of English, acquired during a long-term stay abroad, is a must.

Of course we are not only interested in formal aspects. Your career so far will prove that you have high expectations of yourself. Equally important is who you are, as a person. 

We aim to take on lawyers who belong to the best of our profession and who fit in as human beings. To this end, we have tied up a package that enables the newcomers to take responsibility for themselves and us to support them in realising their career aims in a meaningful manner.

Apart from a remuneration that is in line with the market and which takes into account the high qualification of our new lawyers, we offer a tailor-made training programme, regular feedback on where you stand and a clearly communicated path for your career that only we offer.

Your start in your profession

Counting from your start in the profession, you will work for about five years as an associate. You will acquire the relevant legal expertise by working in practice and by participating in our internal training programmes. It is important to us that you learn how to deal with clients right from the start and to foster client relationships. Only that way will you learn to interpret situations, to assess them legally and to successfully implement the results of consultations.

Your own cases after 2 or 3 years

After the first 2 or 3 years, you will have acquired enough knowledge and experience to work independently on your own cases and to prove your prospecting abilities. Your partners will also support you in this stage and will give feedback on the quality of your work and on your personal development on a regular basis. As an associate, you will receive a fixed salary and a bonus according to certain, clearly defined conditions..

Salary Partner

Following your time as associate, we will decide upon your appointment to salary partner.
Personal integrity, acceptance by colleagues and clients, excellent know-how, dedication, and a top performance – which also includes a contribution to our turnover/profit – will qualify you for this kind of partner status. As a salary partner, you receive a fixed salary and a flexible share in profits that depends on your performance.

From Salary to Equity Partner

After about 3 years as a salary partner, the partners’ assembly will decide on your further career path. There are 3 alternatives: depending on your development and especially on your performance so far, you can be appointed to equity partner – shareholder in the firm –, to senior salary partner or you may keep your current status as salary partner.

Partner recruitment from our own ranks

Whatever your personal path may look like within our firm: We recruit our partners from our own ranks.

For us it is important that you as a newcomer can act quickly at eye level with our clients and that you can provide them with legal advice that is always up to date with current case law and of the highest standard. To this end, we invest in the training of all lawyers individually. Only by liaising with the clients will you sharpen your ability to assess situations and to develop yourself professionally and personally.

We have developed a training programme that is tailored exactly to the needs of our associates. The diversified programme comprises both legal and managerial aspects and also features topics relevant to the profession as such – for example the rules of conduct or liability issues.

Needless to say that you will – in consultation with your partner – engage in training opportunities in addition to the ones we offer. They may train professional or soft skills such as rhetoric or presentation techniques. Also needless to say that we readily support you if you want to acquire additional qualifications such as becoming a licensed specialist in a certain field of the law.


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