Beiten Burkhardt

Investing in Germany


Investing in Germany There is a growing perception among many foreign enterprises that Germany offers both a locational advantage and innovative capacity. Therefore, foreign enterprises have constantly increased their investments in Germany over recent years.

With experts from various countries and our global business contacts and access to decision makers, we facilitate the entry into the German market and the building up of a commercial presence. Our long-standing experience in foreign markets enables us to anticipate questions from investors and pay particular attention to their interests and needs.

Companies from Russia and China are advised by lawyers who worked at our offices in these countries. They have a deep understanding of the relevant local markets and legal systems and speak the national languages. For Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Latin American enterprises, we offer specialised country desks for first contact.

Besides comprehensive economic law advice, we assist with networking and provide contacts to administrative decision makers as well as national and international investment agencies. With five German offices, we are active in all main economic regions in Germany and in the nation's political capital, Berlin.

Investors from China

Due to the rapid growth of Chinese investors and of available funds, investments of Chinese enterprises have increased significantly within the past few years.

The very complex set of German legal regulations and the differences in the corporate governance and business culture, however, quite often prove to be considerable hurdles for Chinese investors on their way to the German market. In addition, many Chinese investors feel handicapped in the investment processes as they have to cope with difficulties in communication arising from a language barrier. Qualified legal advisory services make it easier for Chinese investors to enter the market and at the same time protect them against investment and personal liability risks.

BEITEN BURKHARDT boasts many years of experience with various foreign investors in Germany,  including multinational groups but also medium-sized enterprises and individuals.  Our team of specialised lawyers offers comprehensive advisory services covering all legal aspects of economic involvement in Germany, tailored to the specific requirements of Chinese enterprises. Our German-trained, Chinese-speaking lawyers will assist you at any time. Through our associated accounting firm BBWP GmbH, we also render advisory services to Chinese enterprises on financial and tax issues.

Investors from Eastern Europe

In Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries many enterprises have been established and have grown over the past twenty years that nowadays maintain close business relations with companies in Germany or have built a commercial presence in the German market with subsidiaries or representative offices.

Also Russian state-owned enterprises have made investments in Germany.

Having its own offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, BEITEN BURKHARDT since 1992 has gained particularly strong experience in the Russian market and also considerable know-how regarding interregional economic structures in Eastern Europe. Our clients in Eastern Europe benefit from our expertise not only during the process of their adjusting to a new legal framework when starting their business activities in Germany, but also when they need to be guided through a business culture which significantly differs from their local markets.

Our team of specialised lawyers offers comprehensive advisory services covering all legal aspects of economic involvement in Germany, tailored to the specific requirements of Russian-speaking entrepreneurs and enterprises. Our clients will be assisted by German lawyers who will render advisory services also in the Russian language and who know the specific issues an Eastern European investor will have to deal with. 

Through our associated accounting firm BBWP GmbH, we also render advisory services to Eastern European enterprises on financial and tax issues.

We in particular offer the following services, tailored to meet the specific requirements of enterprises, entrepreneurs and managers:

Comprehensive legal advice to investors on their entry into the German market

  • Setting up of subsidiaries, branch offices, permanent establishments and representative offices
  • Choice of optimum (tax) structures
  • Purchase and financing of participations in other German enterprises
  • Mergers & acquisitions and due diligence
  • Access to German capital markets via corporate bonds and/or listings at the German stock exchange
  • Acquisition of properties, advice on rental and lease contracts
  • Assistance in dealings with authorities and banks
  • Application for subsidies and public funding

Ongoing legal advice to investors regarding their business activities in Germany

  • Corporate housekeeping for German subsidiaries and affiliated companies
  • Protection of trademarks and patents
  • Tax law
  • Financing

Restructuring of companies

Divestments of foreign-funded business units

Legal advice to directors and officers

  • Managing director service agreements and employment contracts
  • Visas / residence permits / work permits
  • Rights and obligations as office holders and avoidance of liability