Beiten Burkhardt

Area of Competence

The scope of advisory services at BEITEN BURKHARDT covers all areas of commercial law. Our experts bring in-depth understanding to the needs of our clients, because legal problems don't require categorical answers, they demand comprehensive solutions. With a high degree of specialisation in conjunction with relevant industry expertise, we pool our competencies across practice groups and locations.

In short, we can solve even the most complex tasks for you – practically, efficiently and, of course, individually.

BEITEN BURKHARDT has very early developed an international strategy since having been founded in Munich in the early 1990s. We were the first German law firm to open an office in Moscow and we very early set foot into the Chinese market, which proves successful until and including today.

However, we do not grow just for the sake of growth and our international strategy aims at more than just having an impressive number of "dots on the map". We only have our own representations where we can offer the quality and local knowledge that you would expect from BEITEN BURKHARDT anywhere. In locations where we do not have a critical mass of local experience, we prefer to cooperate with top tier local firms who do have the experience and know-how you can count on as a partner of BEITEN BURKHARDT.

We are not a member of any formal alliance or "best friends" network but we do have established long-standing relationships in a large number of jurisdictions and world regions such as The Americas, North and Western Europe, Eastern Europe, CIS, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania/Pacific.

We are proud to be able to provide a broad and thorough coverage of all legal services worldwide by means of our proven network of high-profile firms in a vast number of jurisdictions all around the globe. This network is based on years of shared experiences, trust and the sharing of values and a common understanding of quality.