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Update on Legal Issues in Real Estate

The AEB is pleased to invite you to participate in the open event organised by the AEB Real Estate Committee, titled “UPDATE ON LEGAL ISSUES IN REAL ESTATE.”

The event will be held on November 08, 2019 from 10:00 am to 12:00 am (registration starts at 9:30), at AEB Conference Centre (68/70 Butyrkiy Val bld.1; 1st floor).

Unsurprisingly to most companies outside of Russia, real estate consists of land, structures, construction projects, and similar assets that are inseparable from the land. However, there is much about real estate law in Russia that may differ radically from what most foreign companies are used to in their home markets.

Although much has been changing about the real estate laws of the Russian Federation in the last months. There are still many challenges that remain for international businesses. For European and Russian companies whose operations rely on their ability to buy, lease, or invest in real estate in the Russian Federation, it often makes sense to move beyond their in-house legal counsel and look for the local expertise.

During the event we will discuss the current changes in legislation and the practice of its application in the following areas of real estate that could be important both to European and local companies:

  • Preliminary results of FZ-214 Reform: transition problems and unresolved issues
  • Recent trends in the reform of state support regimes for investment projects
  • Changes to the Urban Development Code: integrated development of territories, infrastructure and innovation in the focus of Attention


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