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Product Liability in the People’s Republic of China

The China-Team of BEITEN BURKHARDT is pleased to present the new edition of this well-received handbook which provides an overview of the PRC legal framework of product liability and it considers legislation and cases up to December 2014.

Companies importing to China or producing goods in China have to keep track of many issues. The following overview may help readers to identify product liability risks and then take steps to address them pro-actively, such as in the course of reviewing agreements, or when preparing procedures for certain scenarios (e.g. product recalls). Companies that are sourcing products in China will be able find out more about their rights towards manufacturers and suppliers in China. This handbook is designed to provide practical advice on a range of legal issues that may affect your business in China, but it cannot replace the in-depth review that is necessary before undertaking a specific project.

With consumption in China on a continuous rise, the topic of product liability has gained further momentum. Consumers hold both domestic and foreign brands to high standards and are increasingly aware of their rights. In addition, high profile cases keep the topic in the public eye and social media and online ratings allow news on substandard goods to spread fast. Last but not least, Chinese companies are increasingly interested in building confidence into the quality of their products, both domestically and abroad, in order to compete internationally.

We would be pleased to respond to any questions you may have regarding product liability issues in China and provide contact details of our offices at the back of this handbook.



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BB SR Product Liability Guide China (2016) en.pdf