Beiten Burkhardt

China Reach, November 2010

Revised new rules in China impose onerous registration requirements for all new chemical substances produced in or imported into the People’s Republic of China (”China”). These revised regulations, titled ”Measures for Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances”, require almost all businesses dealing with chemical substances in China to comply with the registration and reporting requirements, and are significantly more burdensome than the previous rules. They became effective on 15 October 2010 and have substantial consequences for
businesses and their trade with China, particularly if they fail to comply. In deference to the registration system for chemicals now operating in the European Union (”EU”), the new Chinese rules are often referred to as ”China REACH”.

This newsletter should help you to understand the main points of the new legislation and assist you in assessing whether the registration requirements will impact your Business.

China REACH – Do you comply?


What needs to be notified?
How is notification handled?
What does it cost me?
How do I protect my confidential information?
What happens after notification?
What are the consequences of non-compliance?