Beiten Burkhardt

Our IBA Team Vienna 2015

Our team at the IBA Annual Conference 2015

BEITEN BURKHARDT is a leading independent German law firm with international offices and a strong international business. As a full-service business law firm we provide comprehensive legal advice to large international groups and medium sized businesses across a wide range of industries as well as to the public sector.

For our success we rely on the quality of our people and the long-term relationships with our clients which are based on our deep understanding of their businesses. We add value by developing tailor-made and innovative solutions for legal problems and cooperate closely with our clients to implement them.

As an independent law firm we maintain an informal but efficient network of first-class business law firms all over the world. This network is based on years of joint working experience as well as shared common values and high quality standards. It enables us to provide our clients with a seamless top quality service. A number of high-profile clients have appointed us along with our international network for their international panels and retain us to advise on complex international transactions and projects.

Our team at the IBA Annual Conference 2015 – described in this booklet – will be pleased to give you more information about BEITEN BURKHARDT.

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